Ann Tomlinson

Name, Ann Tomlinson

Do you have a nickname, name you prefer to be known by? Ann Tomlinson

Affiliation, Gym / Organization you represent : F45, Can Too

My love for running started at a very young age, from cross country to long distance road running.  It was an opportunity to clear your mind and just let go of every day stresses. Over my high school years I become preoccupied with other things and interests and running to a back seat until a migrated to the UK in 2006.

Living in the North West, I trained on a daily basis and took part in countless fundraising events for Cancer Research. That was until I sustained a serious knee injury in 2008 when I took part in the Manchester 10km run. At the time was running at my personal best of 5.1 pace. I was told that I would never run again unless I had surgery. Sadly I believed this and stopped running.

In 2017 I has a sudden realization that I was border line alcoholic. I knew if I didn’t change my ways I would die an early death leaving my then 2 year old without a mum. The only thing I knew to do and to well in was running. Sure it was painful the first few months but as my body grew stronger so did my mindset. I am no where near my PB in 2008 but I run for life, run for my family and most importantly I run for myself.

This year I look forward to taking part in the Great Ocean Road Run in May and to commence training for my 2nd half marathon. Being almost 40 is not a life sentence or growing old. I feel life my life has just begun.

As a small business owner my focus is firmly set on the mission to build a culture of ambition, motivation and fulfilment amongst carefully selected safety cadets; trust and goodwill towards them among quality companies looking for quality people; all backed by a system that values mentorship, experience, understanding and pride.

As one who long battled for a better way on behalf of those looking for a career in safety, I champion the value in the Alium Works offer.  As a seasoned industry professional I see it as an absolute necessity

Wisdom: Love people not things, use things and not people

I wish I knew / hints and tips: Your body in stronger than you think and coupled with the right mindset you can overcome anything.

Ann supports the Fred Hollows Foundation at