Christina Barry

Affiliation, Gym / Organization you represent – Christina is a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) black belt professor and self-defense specialist from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada who runs her own school, The Central Canada Submission Academy (CCSA) of Self-defense Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Personal story, can include or be separate to the Sports program – Christina is the only female BJJ black belt in Manitoba.  She is also a professional boxer and a former professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter.  Christina also trains regularly and competes in muay thai.

Achievements / medals/ awards – Aside from all her martial arts training, Christina works full time as a Scientist at Emergent Biosolutions Inc. where she develops antibody therapeutics against emerging infectious diseases and bio-threats.

Additional information The ASB program has significantly impacted on my ability to balance  my work-life schedule, in which I  also a single mom of a beautiful young boy.

It has also greatly impacted my athletic performance and preparation for competitions, reduced stress and muscle tension and accelerated recovery after training.