Jasmine Bienvenue

Name, Do you have a nickname, name you prefer to be known by?   Jasmine Bienvenue

Affiliation, Gym / Organization:   Carlson Gracie Miami (Ghost Squad)

Personal Story:  Jasmine’s journey began six years ago in Tampa, Florida where she fell in love with jiu-jitsu. Since then she has been an active competitor in the IBJJF, Fight 2 Win Pro, and many tournaments throughout Florida. She travels the United States to referee tournaments where she meets athletes and coaches across the nation. She actively hosts women’s seminars/training sessions to bring sisterhood to women’s MMA.

These days, Jasmine lives in Miami, Florida. Her unique story of struggle has show her the power of the mind and body wisdom. Her journey in mindfulness has made her a smarter, more patient, and eloquent athlete – where she explores the true artful flow of jiu-jitsu.

Jasmine Bienvenue is a unique kind athlete. She has a unique mixture of beauty, strength, class, passion, and unique athletic talent.  This girl is not just a jiu-jitsu purple belt but an active yoga practitioner and teacher. She has a dedication to merge the MMA and the yoga worlds together and to guide athletes in developing a strong mind, body, and spirit connection.

Jasmine has begun teaching yoga at destination jiu-jitsu camps where she was exposed to the work of Sheila and Tina, which sparked an intention to teach mediation, yoga, and mindfulness to athletes everywhere. Part of her learning was to truly explore the abilities of the mind and learn how to balance the spirit, mind, and body. While she does this, she plans to continue her competition circuit including IBJJF Worlds in Long Beach, CA. Eventually; she plans to become an IBJJF referee upon getting her brown belt.

Achievements / medals/ awards:   IBJJF Medalist, NAGA Medalist,   Certified Referee,  200 hour – Registered Yoga Teacher