Josie Inchincoli

Affiliation, Gym / Organization you represent F45 Training Heidelberg.

Personal story, Italian girl, struggled with my weight growing up, I turned to some quick fixes from the ages of 14 to 24, took laxatives and then took illicit drugs to lose weight, all of which had caused me to yoyo.  After my father passed away in 2001 my partner at the time, now my gorgeous husband, suggested I find a hobby, do something that makes me happy.

So in 2002 I found a wonderful PT called Melita, she became one of my closest friends.  She trained me 3 times a week, we set goals for my body type and my journey into fitness and body sculpting began there.  I competed in many Body sculpting competitions during 2003-2004.   My training stopped when I became pregnant with my first child Lucas, after he was born in 2007 my training recommenced and I became the fittest version of myself I had ever been.

I then fell pregnant again in 2010, I stopped training again due to what we thought were small issues with the pregnancy at the time.  At my 20 week scan I was told the pregnancy couldn’t continue and had to give birth to a still born at 5months and 2 weeks.  This experience had a huge impact on me both positive and negative.

I was determined to have another child and I also became very fearful of anything happening to my 3yr old boy Lucas.  So where I thought I was a string women,  I then developed new fears.  The following year my gorgeous baby Jacob was born.  I recommenced my training with Melita in early 2012, everything was going to plan, training was great, food was on track, sleep was severely deprived.

I noticed hair loss, heart palpitations, hunger, hot flushes, and a sense of not feeling right.  A trip to the Dr and a blood test later, turns out I developed an overactive Thyroid gland.  All to do with Adrenal gland fatigue.

I stopped training again, became depressed, put on 10kg due to medication to balance the thyroid again… all of this took 12months.  It was my depression that made me stop training. Eventually the thyroid issue had resolved and I returned back to training, very different now juggling 2 kids, part-time work and a house hold.  My goal is to become consistent again, to compete in another Body sculpting competition in 2017 and just live a healthy fit lifestyle for myself and my children.

Achievements / medals/ awards 2003 1st Place Sportsmodel Victorian Titles INBA Body Building,  2003 4th Place SportModel Australian Titles INBA Body Building,  2004 2nd place in both Victorian & Australian Titles as Sportmodel in the INBA Body Building Federation

Wisdom Perseverance and Positive thoughts create positive outcomes

Testimonial My experience with the use of hypnotherapy for body sculpting competition preparation.

I first met the gorgeous Sheila in 2003 when I found myself in an emotional and physical rut. My first session with Sheila was amazing, she managed to align my chakras and clear certain blockages.  This was great but I still needed more help, focusing on food and body image and toning. Sheila created a hypnotherapy cd specifically targeted to my goals and needs at the time.  I would listen to her soothing voice each night as I lay in bed and I would fall asleep to her enforcing the positive thoughts that I needed to hear. It was certainly took me by surprise as I almost immediately felt the difference. I stopped craving bad foods, I felt good about my journey to transform my body and to show my achievements to all on stage. It was the easiest competition preparation I had ever done. I woke refreshed in the mornings and I just felt great considering all the training and limited food I was having. I honestly believe that my sessions with Sheila made all the difference and I would recommend it to anyone seeking help with whatever issue they come across in life. Be it body or mind.

Lots of love
Josie xx