Louise Aldridge

Name Louise Aldridge

Kokoda Challenge – Team Remember Them


I am thrilled to be included in this years Kokoda Challenge on the Gold Coast. This trek winds its way through the picturesque Gold Coast Hinterland and is a Challenge of Courage, Endurance, Mateship and Sacrifice. It is hailed as the toughest Team endurance event in Australia.

The roots of the Challenge lay in the Kokoda Campaign of World War II, and the bravery and sacrifice our Australian Diggers displayed to hold off the Japanese invasion in Papua New Guinea. The Challenge is held on the weekend of 14th and 15th July and the complete course covers 96km (the distance of the Kokoda Track), and must be completed by teams of 4 participants and within a time frame of 39 hours (in honour of the 39th Militia, who were the first Australian response unit).

For me the most exciting part of the Challenge is the opportunity to raise funds for the Kokoda Challenge Youth Program. This wonderful program gives disadvantaged youth the opportunity to participate in a program that develops character, morale and fosters social responsibility. The program includes a combination of physical training along with emotional development.

Personally I am the proud mother of two incredible boys, a Pilates Instructor, a Receptionist, a Renovator and now an avid trekker. Our team coordinates training on weekends to accommodate our full time responsibilities and careers and it has been a wonderful opportunity to get fit and foster new friendships. I am excited to be using the ‘Sounds’ by Sheila in preparation for this grueling Challenge. The ‘Sound Therapy’ prepares both the mind and body and is a wonderful resource to assist in our training.