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BE Focused and Activated with Music and Frequencies

The BE Focused and Activated with Music and Frequencieshad some very early origins around 2007 / 2008 as a part of the Sounds from Source programs.

The original sound was called Focus, Activation and Movementand you can read about then at

The title of the original Focus, Activation and Movement sounds remove the blockages to being focused, acting on that focus and having the motivation to move ahead in life or a given task.

Often, we have the focus, however we fail to take the action necessary to move into the phase or area we wish to be in.

Back in 2007 just before this sound was createdI was told that ‘you can have all the dreams and goals in the world’ however unless you take massive action nothing is going to change’.

In recreating this program for The Athletes Sports Bag Membership program I have added specific energetic frequencies to the vibrational bells and they have been overlayed with the music track that we use for the ASB programs in the ‘online jukeboxes’.

The BE Focused and Activated with Music and Frequenciesprogram is intended to assist you to BE Focused and Activated. It can be played as often as you wish and for a wide range of applications as well as sporting / athletic pursuits.

Music Overlay is Dancing-til-Sunrise

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