Vivienne Fletcher

Affiliation, Gym / Organization you represent: Pilates Energetics

Personal story,

I was born in New Zealand and dabbled in many forms of exercise from running to gymnastics to roller blading. Driven by a need to explore I moved to Melbourne in 2006 and through ongoing injuries sustained from a minor collision with a moving vehicle ended up in the world of alternative therapies starting with a diploma in remedial massage. I have been on a search for an understanding of pain in all its forms and how to shift it for many years.

I found my niche in massage and now in Pilates which like me is continuously evolving and changing as I explore more ways to heal myself and others. Reiki and Sounds from Source are now a daily part of my life as is meditation. Dealing with ongoing irregular levels of iron has helped me to understand that exhaustion and pain can be mental, spiritual, emotional and physical. Vibrational sound therapy has helped me work through these blockages so I can access the energy I know I have. Meditation helps take care of the mental blockages that occur when the body is out of balance. Everything I learn helps me to be better at what I do and to help others at what they do.

Additional information,

I have suffered from symptoms of irregular levels of iron since my early twenties – both anaemia and too much iron. This leads to cognitive dysfunction, migraines, severe fatigue and often nausea and lightheadedness due to low blood pressure.

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Only you can determine whether you can or cannot. Finding the reason why is often the best answer. Replace the word can’t with I can not do that yet.

I wish I knew,

I wish I learned in school these three things: How important the foods we eat are and how best to cater for my own body.

How much my mental state of mind can affect everything I do and how to manage and retrain that from an early age without the use of medication.

How my body works from an anatomical and physiological point of view so as to know how it should work.

Something to leave you with life can only be what we make it. We have so much available to us if we only choose to see and believe it. What can you do today that will make your life and the lives of those around you better tomorrow?