About us

Sheila’s Story

Hi I am Sheila Kennedy  a Spiritual and Metaphysical Practitioner and Teacher. In the early 2000’s I discovered a ‘self healing ‘process that changed my whole life.  I studied the modality and became an associate in the practice. The passing in 2004 of the founder of this amazing technique left me with questions and a need to know more and to do more.

This led me to exploring how I could add to the foundation that I had been given and took me on a journey of discovery, which is a little bit like being an explorer without a map to follow and traversing unknown territories.

When people have asked me ‘what it is that I do’ over the years I struggled for a long time to come up with an answer; should I say I was a ‘this’ or a ‘that’ when neither actually fitted the situation.

So to share with you ‘how what I do is like’ I ‘accept’ that your body is a self healing mechanism which has a unique knowledge and that given the right instructions and what I call encoded frequencies, it can and will heal itself.

The benefits of assisting your body to align and repair its self are multifold and include improved health and wellbeing, greater flexibility of movement and so much more.

The key benefits of what I now term ‘Wellness Integration’ are the ability of your body to realign your energetic fields and to balance the physical mental spiritual and emotional levels of your mind body and spirit. Allowing ‘you’ to live a healthier happier and longer life.

Some years ago I wrote a small  ebook  called ‘The Body Balance Book, and I said then
“The information contained within these pages is priceless and it will give you a more complete understanding of how your body is meant to work, and quite probably why it hasn’t worked correctly for many years.”


The Body Balance Book was intended to showcase an online webinar using my skills as a Vibrational Kinesiologist  and Vibrational Sound Therapist and to allow people who wouldn’t normally be able to ‘see’ me to ‘ personally to correct their own bodies via an online ‘self healing’ session.

Time moved on; as did my knowledge and the wants needs and desires of many of the ‘athletes’ that I came into contact with. One of these young ‘athletes was a young woman called Tina Ciavarella. Together we have created a series of programs specifically for athletes and The Optimal Athlete book showcases the information in this new program called ‘The Athletes Sportsbag’.  The rest as they say is history.

A variety of my books are available on Amazon, I am a regular contributor to the Oddities e-Club Magazine, produce  regular articles and blog posts and hosts the weekly  ‘Welcome to the 1%’ radio show on Revolution Radio.

You will find information about me at www.sheila-kennedy.com  www.thebestworkoutforyou.com www.soundsfromsource.comwww.soundsfromsourceacademy.com

Tina’s story

Hi I m Tina (Ciavarella) West the owner of Fortitude Wellbeing and a Blue Belt Gold Medalist competitor in the sport Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I am passionate about my favourite sport of Brazillian JuiJitsu, my work with the energetic fields of the human body, and my art.

I began training in Jui-Jitsu at a stage in  my life when I was lost, sad and burdened with so much trauma that I needed to do something to release all these unwanted thoughts, feelings and emotions. Early on in my Jiu-Jitsu journey I was learning many holistic modalities but nothing eemed to truly help me to get to the place I so long desired. That place was a happy, healthy loving state knowing my journey and my life’s purpose.

Someone told me about this lady named Sheila Kennedy. They said ‘oh my gosh you just have to meet this lady! I cant explain just go see her…you need Sheila!…kind of like when someone jokes about saying you need Dr Phil. So I contacted this lady called Sheila and that has been the best phone call I have ever made to this day

Sheila assisted me to deal with and work through the traumas that had held me back in a state of hatred and negativity, correcting my Dyslexia and bringing my mind body and spirit  to a happy and healthy state.

Sheila and her ‘sounds’ and her abundant knowledge has literally, totally and abundantly changed my life.

Sheila had an interest in my Brazillian Jui-Jitsu from day dot, recogmising the chance to allow me to become an incredible athlete/ But incredible wouldn’t be enough for Sheila Kennedy. You see Sheila never stops thinking. And nor will she ever, which is why we have this amazing program available for all athletes.

Over the years while training and competing and had begun to be aware of a lot of things that I could not ignore as they drained my energy and also my motivation, and I couldn’t allow that to be so. It all got to a point that I had a tantrum and a cry and said I have had enough, we need to do something about all this crap’! What crap you may ask? Well all of that self sabotage, external sabotage from people who truly do not want you to succeed, the heavy energy from gyms and competition venues, the feeling you can be more than you can but your body needs some help from a positive source.

So that is when Wisdom and Youth sat and began to brainstorm and brain storm and brainstorm some more until …boom we had something beyond amazing and could not wait to create it!!! So here we are.

After going through a great deal of ‘crap’ myself through training  and competing, Sheila and I have for you a truly remarkable program that can allow YOU to become that optimal athlete and beyond.

I am now running workshops around the world, seeing clients from all different countries and meeting many athletes who wish to pursue their journeys even further to become their own empowering selves.I  am blessed to be doing what I am doing. Although it has not come easy it has been worth it and I long to inspire others to follow their dreams.

I have shared  my services and taught in California and assisted at a wellness retreat in Ojai CA during 2015 which has allowed me to spread my teachings. I do yearly trips to the U.S.A to see clients in different states. I am currently teaching  programs and seeing clients at a Life Style Camp with Sophia McDermott Drysdale in Los Angeles  in  February of 2017 and competing in the Brazillian Jui-Jitsu World Championships in Los Angeles in June 2017.


This is why I am so passionate about my  work because it has changed my  life