Tina (Ciavarella) West

Do you have a nickname, name you prefer to be known by: Tiny

Affiliation, Gym / Organization you represent: Immersion MMA. Sponsored by Megami Jiu-Jitsu and Greater Being strength and conditioning training.

Personal story,: 
I begun my BJJ journey because I needed an outlet in life and wanted to learn some-thing that was wrestling based.

BJJ has brought me many great times and has helped me overcome some very difficult times in my life. It has even helped me through my learning difficulty and has helped with my dyslexia.
I have been doing BJJ for nearly 5 years now and I have changed and grown in so many positive ways that I look back and smile with gratitude and joy.

Achievements / medals/ awards: 
Victorian State Championships 2014 and 2016.
Tasmania State Championships 2014 and 2015
Brisbane open championships 2015

Sydney International Pro2017

Additional information: Sounds from Source practitioner, Artist and Ambassador for Fighting for Autism.

Links to interviews:  –http://www.girls-in-gis.com/blog/the-mental-art-of-jiu-jitsu/

Wisdom: Fear is an illusion. There is NOTHING stopping you from becoming unstoppable in your sport or in your life. Do not fear, instead smile, knowing you are infinite and able to achieve any-thing you put your mind to. What will be will be, but always finish strong with your head up high, a humble heart and a Warrior attitude.