Chris West

Name, Chris West

Do you have a nickname, name you prefer to be known by? Westy

Affiliation, Gym / Organization you represent: Wickams Martial Arts Centre,  Echuca Victoria.

Personal story,

Chistopher West is the loving husband to Co-founder of The Athletes Sports Bag Tina West.

Chris began his Martial Arts journey 8 years ago due for his interest in UFC. During his early days Chris played football and cricket competitively and   even nearly pursued a professional career in hockey. Being a lover of sports his entire life, Chris got back into the swing of things in his mid 20’s and begun training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mauy Thai Kickboxing.

Chris has competed in the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu many times but his main passion is learning and sharing his skills to fellow students. Now training in Echuca alongside Tina at Wikchams Martial Arts, not only is he a student but also a coach to both the kids and adults.

Chris is super excited to be part of The Athletes Sports Bag. Being familiar with the sound programs with Sheila from 2012, he has seen huge differences in himself including confidence and removal of his anxiety. With being born with scoliosis, Chris has seen a huge improvement with his back flexibility since playing his daily sounds.

Chris remembered the 1st time Tina played the best work out sound back in 2012. He comments, “I finished training and went up to Tina and said, those bell things actually work I think” and ever since that day he had full trust in what they do.

Now a sponsored athletes with The Athletes Sports Bag, Chris is simply excited to be able to continue this sport feeling even better than he did in his 20’s.