What can the Athletes Sports Bag offer you?

The Athletes Sports Bag Program The Athletes Sports Bag is unique. We believe that there is simply nothing else like it in the world. It offers cutting edge information and innovative ‘vibrational sound’ tools to assist the ‘aware athlete’ to improve their sporting performance. The individual Athletes Sports Bag programs are based on an extensive knowledge of the body and mind connection and are presented in a simple and non invasive format with both personal and online appointments available. Are these programs for you, or do you want to know more?

You can book a 30 min ‘What can this do for me’  session to discuss what benefits the programs can offer you..

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30 minutes USD $100

The Best Workout for you is an Online Intentioned Self Healing Session based on a series of sounds which were created for use as a gym program some years ago

These vibrational sound programs are recorded intentioned sounds, that work with the ancient healing systems of the body and contain spiritual commands to assist in healing your body.

Available at;

The Serious Athlete

This program is for the athlete who wants more. As well as addressing the physicality of your body the Optimal Athlete program provides one on one personal assistance for those who want individual attention to assist in fine tuning and improving their performance.

The Athletes Sports Bag program is an innovative new idea created to assist athletes to ‘fine tune’ their sporting performance by releasing physical and mental blocks and muscle memory programs from the body. Using an extensive knowledge of the body and mind connection in a simple and non invasive format it is possible to improve and adapt sporting performance to its optimal levels.

A personal or online / distance/ absent appointment will ‘fine tune’ your body for optimal performance and provide you with a series of sports specific vibrational sound programs to enhance the areas of your physical health, training and competition.

Distance or absent appointments include a comprehensive written report These programs include the 8 vibrational programs supplied in the Serious Athlete program

*An optional personalised Sports Communication and Understanding program with initial, 3, 6 and 12 monthly updates is also available. For more information please see the Downloadable PDFs on the individual programs.


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2 Hours USD $450

Optional Sports Communication and Understanding program

Optional personalised Sports Communication and Understanding program with initial, 3, 6 and 12 monthly updates. This program  includes an emailed copy of  the individual Sports Communication and Understanding program with initial, 3, 6 and 12 monthly updates



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USD $150

The Optimal Athlete

The Optimal Athlete combines the  The Serious Athlete program, and The Optimal Athlete program for the aware athlete who wants more. In being able to create adjustable personal programs for those who want specific individual attention to assist in fine tuning and improving their performance.

The Athletes Sports Bag program The Optimal Athlete offers unique cutting edge information and unique programs to assist you to improve on your sporting performance. There simply is nothing else available in the world like this.

By making this program accessible via both personal and online options and including specifically created ‘vibrational tools’ to assist with individual performance we are able to offer you the Optimal Athlete some ethical ‘secret weapons’ to assist in facilitating you peak performance and in dissipating the ‘outside influences ’ that may be holding you back or having a negative effect on you.

Unfortunately not everyone is happy to see you achieve, and negative thought forms and energetic vibrations sent in your direction can taint or influence your performance on many levels. You can sabotage yourself in training, in competing and be affected by the thoughts feelings and emotions of others.

Specific sports clothing / uniforms, including numbers, patches and sponsorship can be intimidating. These can be representative of symbols which are disempowering or bring up a sense of not belonging or of being set apart.

Many athletes suffer from ‘Fear of Failure’ based on past performance and negate their own , optimal performance by standing in the way of their own power.

Affiliations and Lineages- there may be underlying programming which is invoked or becomes invoked as forms of control/ manipulation or ownership and this can include Gyms, Teams and Clubs. Sorority or fraternity/ group/ belonging/ I am special, apart of, membership. Could / Can relate to cult type behaviours control and manipulation. Other areas can  include; Competition Overload Fear of Failure Fear of Jealousy An unbalanced Centre of Gravity And the Tall Poppy Syndrome or TPS.

The ‘secret weapon’ tools created specifically for The Athletes Sports Bag consist of the option of Tibetan Bells or music combined with specific vibrational frequencies and based on alleviating levels of often unidentified sabotages both personal and from others both prior to and during training and competing as well as competition overload. They are created as MP4 downloads and can be used at any time.

Including a Weekly Athletic Sports Balance program to provide a continuous rebalancing of your body, the Vibrational sound programs supplied in the Optimal Athlete program include 19 individual downloadable vibrational sound tracks with bells or music options. AND a personalised Sports Communication and Understanding program with initial, 3, 6 and 12 monthly updates.

The Optimal Athlete program offers Personal Skype or Distance / Absent session with Sheila .

Includes an emailed copy of  the individual Sports Communication and Understanding program with initial, 3, 6 and 12 monthly updates

***Please Note- Owing to time constraints Sheila only accepts a limited number of athletes for this level of the program so as to provide one on one attention


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2.5 Hours USD $750

Personalised Sports Hypnosis

For Those Optimal Athlete Who Wants More!  Personalised Hypnosis Recordings.

Sheila has been creating personalised hypnosis programs for athletes for many years. ***This service is only available to those who are serious about their sport and is an additional service to The Optimal Athlete program.

Sheila has been creating Personalised Hypnosis Recordings for many years, and they truly are ‘personalised’ to you. Each recording is based on what YOU need to improve your own sporting performance. Sheila will have an initial appointment with you, send you a script of your recording and then have a 2nd shorter consultation to ‘fine tune’ your Hypnosis script before it is recording for you.

Often described as a ‘Wordsmith’ and the creator of the Sounds from Source Positive Intention Statements – How to write affirmations that work program! Sheila is well aware that words have power, and she uses Kinesiological testing to ascertain that the words she uses are the most beneficial for you.


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2 Hours USD $350

Be-Friending your body program with Tina West
Derived from The Athletes Sports Bag program, this program is to create a strong connection with the body to respect it as its own entity.
The individuality of the mind, body and soul although all interconnected are all individual in their own right. By identifying which area of this that you are working with you can fine tune your actions for optimal performance and health.
The Be-friending Your Body program will assist you with energetic tools to create a strong communication with your body. This will allow you to utilise the tools provided to ask questions of your body and to understand the bodies needs and wants and to provide the appropriate changes for the body where they are needed or required.
This program will allow you to bond with the body so that you work as a team together to develop a strong understanding of what the body needs, wants and desires. This will assist with issues such as motivation, health, weight cutting, relaxation, exercise, training, competitions and also to accelerate recovery and healing.
So what can this program do for you?
The Befriending Your Body program will assist you to be strongly connected to yourself and allow your mind, body and soul work in harmony with one another and to identify what your bodies needs so that you can make adjustments to optimize your levels of self worth, exercise, training and competition results.
Lastly, to create a deeper understand of yourself to assist you to be motivated, balanced and happy.
Tools that are supplied;
-Athletic Swoosh technique,
-Visualization techniques
-The Athletic Circle of Truth
-A clearing meditation to assist the mind and body
What is included: Booklet, meditation
Total time: 4 hours via Skype or in person. Workshops available also.
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