Tammy Richie

Name Tammy Richie

Kokoda Challenge – Team Remember Them


I was absolutely thrilled to be involved & the Team Leader for our Team, “Remember Them” with some other amazing friends for this years Kokoda Challenge on the Gold Coast.

This Trek mimics the real Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea where our Aussie diggers, mostly young & untrained used bravery & courage to battle not only the intense terrain, the weather but also exercised sacrifice as they had to fight off Japanese soldiers as part of the Japanese invasion during World War II.

Having been so blessed to have carried out the Trail before, in the same footsteps these Aussie battlers walked by being invited to be one of the only females with 5 other Air Force Colleagues & 144 SAS Soldiers, carrying my own 25 kg pack, I also have a small understanding of the courage, determination & mateship they would have had to exercise during this time.

For me, the Trek in New Guinea was one of the hardest, yet most satisfying things I have ever achieved.. I absolutely learnt so much about myself during that time & just how much strength I possess not only being pushed physically, but emotionally, mentally & spiritually!

It was after this, there were many lessons learned & realisations that there is nothing bigger than us & that nothing has meaning except the meaning we put to it!

I also learnt that at times, your mind will try & talk you out of things, but if you tune into your heart & have the faith to follow this divine guidance, this allows you to overcome challenges & focus on the outcome you wish to achieve, rather than the chaos & how by doing this, anything is possible!

Although there are many differences between the real Trek & the one here on the Gold Coast that winds itself through the picturesque Gold Coast Hinterland, they both require the following attributes to complete, Courage, Endurance, Mateship and Sacrifice.

The Kokoda Challenge is hailed as the toughest Team endurance event in Australia.

It is held over the weekend of the 14th & 15th July & also is 96kms & must be completed by teams of 4 participants within the time frame of 39 hours, whereas the Kokoda Trail in PNG cannot be carried out in that time frame, due to the severity of it. The Challenge absolutely pushes you beyond all at a place you learn so much about yourself.

For me, I was honoured to be the Team Leader of our team & to have others join me so I could share what I learnt, developing team lifelong friendships and bonds whilst having the opportunity to really make a difference with our future generation of leaders by raising funds to allow other disadvantaged youth the opportunity to participate in a program. The Program gives them the opportunity to carry out the real Trail in Papua New Guinea, & whilst there, gives them the opportunity to help in the villages plus also 12 months of a Leadership Training, so to be part of this to help provide these tools for our future generation is priceless


Personally I am a proud Mum of 3 beautiful children  a loving wife, a Lifesaver, Entrepreneur, multiple Business Award Winner, Trainer, Speaker, Leader, Co-Author & a lover of fitness & adventures to live Life to the Fullest!

During the Lead up to this grueling Event, I suffered some injuries to both my foot with fractures & also my knee with torn ligaments, which normally would cause someone to consider pulling out, however with the wonderful Sound Healing, Sheila provided, I was feeling much better in record time & combined with the right mental attitude, the belief, great nutrition & supplements,  this allowed me to not only participate but finish this challenge with the rest of my team & for that I will be eternally grateful.


The wonderful sound healing continues to be a valuable resource I use daily in order to be the best version of myself!


I look forward to the next adventure that comes my way!