Oakley Tarrant

Nickname:          Oaks

Affiliation:          Wickhams Martial Arts/Absolute MMA.

Sponsored by:   FITmob Central Health and Fitness Centre, N8 Health Echuca and The Athletes Sportsbag


I started Jiu Jitsu in February 2017.  I was a bit angry and my parents thought it would be a good outlet for me, and to learn about discipline and hard work.

I have always had some anxiety, with some weeks worse than others.  In the bad weeks, it was even a struggle to walk into the gym, even though I loved it.  It was hard to understand, let alone explain.

I began competing in November 2017, and my nerves and anxiety on competition day would sometimes overwhelm me in the lead up to my fights.  Once I was on the mat, they would go away but sometimes I was that nervous before hand it would stop me from enjoying the whole experience.

Then I met Sheila and Tina and was introduced to the Athletes Sportsbag.  I have been so grateful for the program and their support.

I am able to better manage my nerves and anxiety.

I won gold at Nationals and Pan Pacs in my first year of competing.

My aim is to compete in Worlds in the next couple of years.