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March 12, 2023
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The Optimal Athlete



Authors Sheila Kennedy and Tina Louise (Ciavarella) West are a winning combination; Since meeting in early 2103 Sheila has worked with Tina to adjust adapt and fine tune her physical performance and her mind / body connection to being the Multi level Blue Belt Brazilian Jujitsu Gold Medalist that she is today in 2017.

They have taken Sheila’s extensive knowledge of the systems of the body and the mind / body connection and Tina’s skill and passion for Brazilian Jujitsu to fine tune a series of unique programs which will assist any athlete in improving their sporting performance.

This is their story of how a simple conversation led to the creation of a series of unique programs called The Athletes Sports Bag.  The Athletes Sports Bag program is a combination of unique understandings and proven processes that can assist you as an athlete to expand your sporting performance easily and effortlessly; In sharing many profound realizations in the course of this book Sheila and Tina hope to empower you to do more, to be more and to achieve more. Please note that the programs we discuss with you are ‘not for everybody’, they are aimed at the very small percentage of ‘aware’ athletes who know that there is ‘more’.

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